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Physical activity and exercise are essential to a healthy lifestyle. This is especially true when a woman is pregnant. Mild to moderate intensity exercise can improve your quality of life, lessen many discomforts associated with pregnancy, and provide a better labor and postpartum experience. This course is designed to help women better understand the changes their bodies undergo during pregnancy, common discomforts, and exercise techniques to prepare their body for labor and a favorable recovery.

Additionally, from physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, you will understand basic aspects of the prenatal period that can influence the physical and mental wellness of pregnant women, as well as the generalities of the gestation process, habits and routines in the prenatal stage, the self-care and the cognitive and emotional changes that can be experienced during this period of time.

Addressed to:

  • Pregnant women who wish to improve wellness conditions during pregnancy, labor and immediate postpartum through physical activity.
  • Students and professionals interested in training for pregnant mothers.

By registering you will get:

  • Access to platform and digital material.
  • Certificate of completion from the US Sports Academy and Colombian School of Rehabilitation.


  • Virtual (self-paced)

Length of the program: 5 weeks



Approach from physical activity and exercise

  • The benefits of exercise during pregnancy
  • Guidelines for physical activity during pregnancy
  • Fitness for labor
  • Training types
  • Postpartum recovery

Approach from Occupational Therapy

  • Introduction: generalities of the pregnancy process
  • Habits and routines in the prenatal stage
  • Stimulation in the prenatal stage
  • Self-care in the prenatal stage
  • Cognitive and emotional changes in the prenatal stage
    • Habits and routines of the mother during the postpartum period
    • Activities of daily living during the postpartum period
  • Feeding
  • Rest and sleep
  • Emotional regulation

Approach from Physiotherapy

  • Safe practice of physical activity in pregnancy
  • Deep venous thrombosis
  • Managing anxiety and stress in pregnancy
  • Postpartum body image
  • Basal Body Awareness Therapy

Approach from Speech Therapy

  • First trimester development of craniofacial structures
  • Maternal nutrition
  • Communication, the best tool to express our thoughts
  • Second semester development of oral reflexes and development of the auditory pathway
  • Prenatal stimulation
  • Communication, the best tool to face our fears
  • Third trimester development of the suck-swallow pattern
  • Preparing the body and mind for breastfeeding
  • Breathing techniques
  • Communication, the best tool to understand the other

Start date:
October 5 th , 2020

Length of the program
5 weeks

Virtual (self-paced)

Dr. Katrina Wahlström
US Sports Academy

Instructor: Dr. Katrina Wahlström
US Sports Academy

Dr. Katrina Wahlström has earned her Doctorate of Management degree from Colorado Technical University, and her Master of Business Administration degree from North Park University. Previously, she earned her Bachelor of Business Administration degree from American Intercontinental University.

In addition, she attended doctoral programs in business psychology at Chicago School of Professional Psychology and in business administration at Argosy University. She is currently completing her Master of Sports Sciences degree in sports exercise science at United States Sports Academy. Dr. Wahlström is an experienced professor and higher education administration. She is also an owner of a fitness company, Iron Confidence, and President of a consulting firm, Otavala Inc. Due to her diverse studies she is well versed in economics and psychology, as well as health sciences. As a mother of two and an amateur bodybuilder, she is experienced in maternity wellness.


Once the course is completed, the participants will be able to understand the common changes and affectations during pregnancy. In the same way, you can select and apply an exercise program aimed at preparing the body for labor and a successful recovery.

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